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LENA by Cassandra™ designer diaper bags for the parent who wants to preserve their style while staying organized  Each bag includes two removable LENA by Cassandra™ inserts which transition you through your day... work, kids and play.


Transition on the Fly with Organizational Inserts for Diaper Bags

Cassandra Heald


As moms juggle their careers and children, it’s important for them to be able to switch from work mode to kid mode in a split second. But many on-the-go moms struggle to keep everything they need organized, because they simply don’t have the right tools.

Thankfully, LENA by Cassandra luxury diaper bags are here to change that. Designed with the busy working mom in mind, these bags offer moms the efficiency, versatility, and style their old diaper bags are missing. But what truly sets LENA by Cassandra’s bags apart are the removable organizational inserts. They cleverly attach inside, allowing you to customize your bag in whatever way best fits your day-to-day schedule.

Some moms choose to have one insert devoted to work items, while the other holds everything their baby needs. All they have to do is switch them out, and they’re ready to go. Other women like to have both inserts on hand at all times. For example, Erin Hayes, mother of two and owner of a software company, loves LENA by Cassandra’s Eden bag, because she can keep everything she needs organized while she’s working and on the go with her kids. “Everything has to fit in one place for me when I’m on the go, no matter if it’s a weekday or the weekend,” says Erin. But she also loves that it looks like a purse, so she can easily take out the insert that holds her kids’ stuff, and be out the door without having to completely change bags. “It’s very versatile.”

Whatever works best for you, the inserts will take your personal organization up a notch, and help you easily transition through your busy day of work, kids, and play! It’s easy to forget things when you’re constantly having to change bags, and no one wants to lug around both their work and diaper bag at all times. With the organizational inserts, moms can ensure everything they need is easily accessible and all in one stylish, versatile bag! Plus, each bag comes with a set of stroller straps to easily pop the bag on your stroller, adding even more convenience.

The LENA by Cassandra luxury diaper bags are perfect for the mom who needs functionality in her life, but doesn’t want to compromise on style. Added bonus: the bags are high-quality and extremely durable, so you can continue to carry them even after your kids outgrow diapers. Customize your LENA by Cassandra diaper bag today with a set of the organizational inserts to guarantee you and your gear keep up with your busy schedule.

Traveling with Kids Made Easy with This Designer Diaper Bag

Cassandra Heald


You made it to the airport on time, bags are checked, baby is still sleeping, and your toddler is in a good mood as he excitedly awaits to get on his first airplane. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until you reach the dreaded TSA security line.

Unexpectedly, the baby starts crying and your toddler’s mood switches from content to complete meltdown mode. Disaster rears its ugly head, as you can’t find a pacifier or your ID in your huge diaper bag. By the time you make it to the gate, your kids are cranky, you’re stressed and exhausted, and you have no idea where you shoved the tickets after going through security.

Sound familiar? The stress and unpredictability of flying with kids is all too real for most moms. The key to surviving these common travel debacles with your sanity still intact is organization and efficiency. A reliable bag that keeps everything in place will be your best friend while traveling with your little ones. Sadly, most diaper bags on the market today have no organizational system and are so large you can’t even fit them underneath the seat.

That’s why LENA by Cassandra made it their mission to create a line of versatile, diaper bags designed with the busy, traveling mom in mind. These bags are complete with interior bottle holders and two removable organizational inserts that make everything from boarding passes to pacifiers and toys easily accessible. Additionally, they come with a foldable changing pad and stroller straps, so you can walk through the airport hands-free. Durable and extremely convenient, these diaper bags will take you through countless trips.

Things can and will go wrong when traveling with kids, but the functionality and organizational features of these diaper bags make it easier to prepare for the unexpected. Plus, the LENA by Cassandra diaper bags double as fashionable travel bags, so moms can maintain their style while staying organized. The Elyse Messenger bag, for example, is great for traveling with kids, because it has plenty of space and an adjustable shoulder strap so you can throw it on quickly. But with its stylish bronze leather and beautiful gold hardware, no one would ever guess it’s a diaper bag. Even if you don’t have kids, it makes a great travel bag!

Moms shouldn’t have to fear taking their kids through the airport security line. With a LENA by Cassandra diaper bag, moms can keep organized and seamlessly transition through the airport while looking great at the same time. Improve your travel experience with these stylish and functional designer diaper bags.

New Year, New Look, and a New Designer Diaper Bag for the Momtrepreneur

Cassandra Heald


Never has the phrase “New year, new me” been more true than it is for women everywhere as we enter into 2018. While being a stay-at-home mom is a job in itself, no more are the days of it being the expected path for women with children. Moms want it all and are finding ways to successfully blend motherhood and career. Many women are making huge contributions to every industry AND nurturing their children. With new attitudes towards the mommy entrepreneur, it’s evident, the new year is bright with the power of working moms.

Moms are successfully impacting both the workplace and motherhood arenas, yet some of their necessary gear is still stuck in the past. The diaper bag, a must-have that moms need to be able to take everywhere, is a key culprit. Many are not pretty, plastered with cartoon images, and very obviously a diaper bag. Needless to say, professional women cannot feel great about taking these outdated bags with them to the office.

This is the main problem with diaper bags on the market today. Many don’t cater to the everyday woman, who is juggling a career and young children. Moms need a reliable, versatile bag that will take them from work, to daycare, to the grocery store, and back home again, all while staying stylish and organized.

LENA by Cassandra luxury diaper bags do just that. Designed with the working mom in mind, these bags are fashionable, professional, and functional all at the same time, and are meant to seamlessly transition through your day. No more switching between work and diaper bag every morning. These diaper bags are stylish and appropriate to carry in front of your boss and your clients.

Further, they are multi-faceted and extremely functional, making it easy for moms to be prepared for anything. Complete with organizational inserts, LENA by Cassandra diaper bags have a place for any item a mom might need throughout her day. Unlike the oversized diaper bags with only a few pockets, this organizational system has a place for everything which prevents digging endlessly for that something you need immediately. Whether it be pacifiers, toys, a pen, or file folder, these bags will give your life the organization it needs.

Wherever you’re going, LENA by Cassandra diaper bags will ensure you have everything in one place while looking great at the same time. Fashionable, high-quality, and durable, no one would ever guess it’s a diaper bag complete with a foldable changing pad and stroller straps. Even women that don’t have children use them for work and travel bags!

Moms will continue to do massive things in 2018, and LENA by Cassandra will guarantee that they look the part. Chic, versatile, and functional, these luxury diaper bags are here to give moms the new look they deserve.

Why Multi-Purpose Diaper Bags are so Popular with On-the-Go Moms

Cassandra Heald


Tired of forgetting your baby’s pacifier in your work bag and your credit cards in your diaper bag? Tired of having to carry around an embarrassing bag that is obviously filled with diapers and rash creams? Well, we are too.

For years, moms have had to haul around huge, puffy bags that look like they were made for a child. Even worse, these unfashionable bags are usually poor quality and have no pockets or organizational system to help moms easily find what they need. Diaper bags like this have become extremely outdated, because they don’t fit within the lifestyle of the everyday mother, who has to care for her little ones on top of rocking her full-time career.

Even though moms have made it clear they want and need a better bag in their lives, it is still difficult to find a functional AND fashionable bag in stores or online. Thankfully, LENA by Cassandra truly understands the struggle of being an on-the-go mom, and is here to tell you why multi-purpose diaper bags are the answer!

To put it simply, moms are some of the busiest people out there. Motherhood and managing a career is tough work, but moms today are championing both and deserve the proper tools to help make their lives a little easier. Multi-purpose diaper bags are so great, because they offer versatility. Moms have to go to the office, meetings, daycare, the park, grocery store, and maybe even dinner with friends all in one day, leaving little time to worry with switching from bag to bag. Having a versatile bag that can easily transition from place to place leaves one less thing the on-the-go mom has to worry about.

In addition to being versatile, multi-purpose diaper bags have become so popular, because they’re extremely functional. While moms want a stylish bag that can go anywhere, they certainly don’t want to lose out on space. Many moms, especially new moms, struggle with keeping everything they need to have on hand organized. Unlike the Mary Poppins diaper bags of the past, multi-purpose bags improve your personal organization and make everything you need easily accessible.

The LENA by Cassandra diaper bags, for example, come complete with organizational inserts that have a specific place for anything the working mom might need throughout her day, from her iPad and work documents, to bottles and toys. They even come with a changing pad and stroller straps that can be neatly packed away. These diaper bags-in-disguise provide moms the balance between motherhood and professional life we’ve all been searching for.

Multi-purpose diaper bags are making all others obsolete, because they simply look better. After dealing with nine months of a growing belly and swollen ankles, moms shouldn’t be forced to sport a loud pink and blue bag with teddy bears all over it around the office. With a multi-purpose diaper bag, moms can carry what they need without having to compromise on style in public or the workplace.

Say goodbye to tired, low-quality diaper bags and hello to the multi-purpose bag made for moms everywhere.

Why Diaper Bags Need to Become More Mom-Friendly

Cassandra Heald


Gone are the days of the stay-at-home mom. No longer do women feel the need to exchange their career goals for raising children. Many women today are running their own businesses, working long hours, and traveling large distances for work, all while being great moms. With this in mind, many companies are beginning to offer child day-care services and creating more friendly spaces for moms to breastfeed. As companies slowly change to make working environments more welcoming to moms and their little ones, why are diaper bags, a necessary item moms use every day, still stuck in the past?

Many diaper bags you find in stores today are oversized, pastel, and covered in nursery rhyme images. Since moms have to carry their diaper bags basically everywhere, this is not ideal. These bags aren’t relevant anymore, because they don’t cater to the busy, working mom’s lifestyle. Women shouldn’t have to compromise their style, simply because they’re mothers. Moms have made it clear that they can do it all, so they need a bag that does it all, too!

More moms than ever are working, so it’s time for their everyday tools, like the diaper bag, to properly integrate work and life. Moms who are constantly on the go, especially new moms, need a good bag that is versatile and will help them stay organized.

Enter, LENA by Cassandra luxury diaper bags. Designed for the working mom, these bags are stylish and professional, while being extremely functional. The organizational inserts have a place for each and every item a mom could need during her day, from diapers, creams, and toys, to her laptop, iPad, and file folders.

Instead of constantly switching between work and diaper bag, or worse, having to carry both at all times, LENA by Cassandra diaper bags are multi-faceted and appropriate to carry to work. Their versatility and functionality provide moms with the perfect balance between work life and motherhood.

Whether they’re going to work, a business trip, the grocery store, or the playground, these bags keep everything organized and look great at the same time. They can easily pass for fashionable, high-quality purses, but just happen to come complete with a changing pad, stroller straps, and plenty of extra pockets. Plus, these bags are extremely durable and can seamlessly transition to solely a work or travel bag once the baby outgrows diapers.

Today’s moms are not compromising their careers for children, so we should celebrate and praise the innovative companies that are making it easier for moms to care for their children and climb the ladder at work. It’s time for diaper bags, and everything in a mom’s armada, for that matter, to join the trend. Women’s search for the chic yet functional diaper bag ends now. LENA by Cassandra diaper bags have the everyday mom in mind.

5 Reasons the Everyday Mom Needs a LENA by Cassandra Diaper Bag

Cassandra Heald


For years, moms have been forced to carry around diaper bags that are neither fashionable nor functional. Covered with cartoon or nursery rhyme characters, they are immediately identified as a diaper bag. And what’s worse, they are usually poor quality, making them easy to break or tear.

In addition to their little ones, many moms have full-time careers. The busy lifestyle of mothers today requires a bag that is appropriate to take everywhere and guaranteed to last throughout their child’s diaper years. The outdated, low-quality diaper bags of the past simply don’t provide moms with what they need or want.

That’s why LENA by Cassandra has created a stylish purse for the modern day woman that has all the functionality a diaper bag needs. Below, are five reasons moms everywhere need this bag in their lives:

1)    Versatility

Moms today have a lot on their plates. Juggling a career and children, while trying to succeed in both areas is a challenge for anyone. And without the proper tools to help you, it can be even harder. With this in mind, we created a bag that moms can take with them throughout their entire day. No switching from diaper bag to work bag every morning. Whether you’re going to work, the grocery store, family or friends’ houses, or the park, this bag transcends environment and is appropriate for any occasion.

2)    Aesthetics

Before becoming a mom, you wouldn’t be caught dead in your office holding a bag with Peppa Pig plastered all over it. So why should you now? While many things in your life will change after having children, your style in the workplace should not have to be one of them. No longer are moms forced to carry their things in a ridiculous bag that is either hideous or looks like it was made for a child. These bags are gorgeous, and you would never know it’s a diaper bag. Not only are they designed to fit within a mom’s busy lifestyle, they also look great on your shoulder. Even women that aren’t moms carry them!

3)    Functionality

However, just because moms want a bag that looks great, doesn’t mean they should have to compromise on functionality. One of the main struggles many moms face is staying organized, hence finding baby toys in their purse and credit cards in their diaper bag. Thankfully, these bags will take your personal organization to the next level. Two Peas in A Prada, a lifestyle and motherhood blog, recently deemed the diaper bags, “Perfect for any woman who wants a bit of organization and functionality.” In addition to being stylish, the bags come with inserts that are crafted to hold all the items a mom might need in one place, such as diapers, bottles, an iPad or laptop, pens, lip-gloss, you name it. The inserts make the bag multi-faceted and easy to keep organized. Not to mention, a transportable changing pad that can be neatly stowed in the bag and two stroller straps are also included. Plus, the inserts are removable for when your baby outgrows diapers.

4)    Durability

Yes, you will be able to use the bag after your baby outgrows diapers. These bags are high-quality and made to last longer than a few months. The Eden bag, for example, is made of carbon black vegan leather, while the premium gold hardware gives it extra style. It will, without a doubt, be one of the best bags in your collection. There are several different options, so you can choose what best matches your wardrobe and needs.

5)    BPA and Lead Free  

Moms are always looking for safe products to use around their babies. These diaper bags are no exception. All the bags are BPA and paraben free, and the hardware is lead free.


LENA by Cassandra diaper bags were designed to help the everyday mom stay organized and stylish while transitioning through kids, work, and play. From their beautiful aesthetic to their versatility, these diaper bags turned stylish, professional purses are what every busy woman needs.