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LENA by Cassandra™ designer diaper bags for the parent who wants to preserve their style while staying organized  Each bag includes two removable LENA by Cassandra™ inserts which transition you through your day... work, kids and play.

5 Reasons the Everyday Mom Needs a LENA by Cassandra Diaper Bag


5 Reasons the Everyday Mom Needs a LENA by Cassandra Diaper Bag

Cassandra Heald


For years, moms have been forced to carry around diaper bags that are neither fashionable nor functional. Covered with cartoon or nursery rhyme characters, they are immediately identified as a diaper bag. And what’s worse, they are usually poor quality, making them easy to break or tear.

In addition to their little ones, many moms have full-time careers. The busy lifestyle of mothers today requires a bag that is appropriate to take everywhere and guaranteed to last throughout their child’s diaper years. The outdated, low-quality diaper bags of the past simply don’t provide moms with what they need or want.

That’s why LENA by Cassandra has created a stylish purse for the modern day woman that has all the functionality a diaper bag needs. Below, are five reasons moms everywhere need this bag in their lives:

1)    Versatility

Moms today have a lot on their plates. Juggling a career and children, while trying to succeed in both areas is a challenge for anyone. And without the proper tools to help you, it can be even harder. With this in mind, we created a bag that moms can take with them throughout their entire day. No switching from diaper bag to work bag every morning. Whether you’re going to work, the grocery store, family or friends’ houses, or the park, this bag transcends environment and is appropriate for any occasion.

2)    Aesthetics

Before becoming a mom, you wouldn’t be caught dead in your office holding a bag with Peppa Pig plastered all over it. So why should you now? While many things in your life will change after having children, your style in the workplace should not have to be one of them. No longer are moms forced to carry their things in a ridiculous bag that is either hideous or looks like it was made for a child. These bags are gorgeous, and you would never know it’s a diaper bag. Not only are they designed to fit within a mom’s busy lifestyle, they also look great on your shoulder. Even women that aren’t moms carry them!

3)    Functionality

However, just because moms want a bag that looks great, doesn’t mean they should have to compromise on functionality. One of the main struggles many moms face is staying organized, hence finding baby toys in their purse and credit cards in their diaper bag. Thankfully, these bags will take your personal organization to the next level. Two Peas in A Prada, a lifestyle and motherhood blog, recently deemed the diaper bags, “Perfect for any woman who wants a bit of organization and functionality.” In addition to being stylish, the bags come with inserts that are crafted to hold all the items a mom might need in one place, such as diapers, bottles, an iPad or laptop, pens, lip-gloss, you name it. The inserts make the bag multi-faceted and easy to keep organized. Not to mention, a transportable changing pad that can be neatly stowed in the bag and two stroller straps are also included. Plus, the inserts are removable for when your baby outgrows diapers.

4)    Durability

Yes, you will be able to use the bag after your baby outgrows diapers. These bags are high-quality and made to last longer than a few months. The Eden bag, for example, is made of carbon black vegan leather, while the premium gold hardware gives it extra style. It will, without a doubt, be one of the best bags in your collection. There are several different options, so you can choose what best matches your wardrobe and needs.

5)    BPA and Lead Free  

Moms are always looking for safe products to use around their babies. These diaper bags are no exception. All the bags are BPA and paraben free, and the hardware is lead free.


LENA by Cassandra diaper bags were designed to help the everyday mom stay organized and stylish while transitioning through kids, work, and play. From their beautiful aesthetic to their versatility, these diaper bags turned stylish, professional purses are what every busy woman needs.