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LENA by Cassandra™ designer diaper bags for the parent who wants to preserve their style while staying organized  Each bag includes two removable LENA by Cassandra™ inserts which transition you through your day... work, kids and play.

Why Diaper Bags Need to Become More Mom-Friendly


Why Diaper Bags Need to Become More Mom-Friendly

Cassandra Heald


Gone are the days of the stay-at-home mom. No longer do women feel the need to exchange their career goals for raising children. Many women today are running their own businesses, working long hours, and traveling large distances for work, all while being great moms. With this in mind, many companies are beginning to offer child day-care services and creating more friendly spaces for moms to breastfeed. As companies slowly change to make working environments more welcoming to moms and their little ones, why are diaper bags, a necessary item moms use every day, still stuck in the past?

Many diaper bags you find in stores today are oversized, pastel, and covered in nursery rhyme images. Since moms have to carry their diaper bags basically everywhere, this is not ideal. These bags aren’t relevant anymore, because they don’t cater to the busy, working mom’s lifestyle. Women shouldn’t have to compromise their style, simply because they’re mothers. Moms have made it clear that they can do it all, so they need a bag that does it all, too!

More moms than ever are working, so it’s time for their everyday tools, like the diaper bag, to properly integrate work and life. Moms who are constantly on the go, especially new moms, need a good bag that is versatile and will help them stay organized.

Enter, LENA by Cassandra luxury diaper bags. Designed for the working mom, these bags are stylish and professional, while being extremely functional. The organizational inserts have a place for each and every item a mom could need during her day, from diapers, creams, and toys, to her laptop, iPad, and file folders.

Instead of constantly switching between work and diaper bag, or worse, having to carry both at all times, LENA by Cassandra diaper bags are multi-faceted and appropriate to carry to work. Their versatility and functionality provide moms with the perfect balance between work life and motherhood.

Whether they’re going to work, a business trip, the grocery store, or the playground, these bags keep everything organized and look great at the same time. They can easily pass for fashionable, high-quality purses, but just happen to come complete with a changing pad, stroller straps, and plenty of extra pockets. Plus, these bags are extremely durable and can seamlessly transition to solely a work or travel bag once the baby outgrows diapers.

Today’s moms are not compromising their careers for children, so we should celebrate and praise the innovative companies that are making it easier for moms to care for their children and climb the ladder at work. It’s time for diaper bags, and everything in a mom’s armada, for that matter, to join the trend. Women’s search for the chic yet functional diaper bag ends now. LENA by Cassandra diaper bags have the everyday mom in mind.