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LENA by Cassandra™ designer diaper bags for the parent who wants to preserve their style while staying organized  Each bag includes two removable LENA by Cassandra™ inserts which transition you through your day... work, kids and play.

Why Multi-Purpose Diaper Bags are so Popular with On-the-Go Moms


Why Multi-Purpose Diaper Bags are so Popular with On-the-Go Moms

Cassandra Heald


Tired of forgetting your baby’s pacifier in your work bag and your credit cards in your diaper bag? Tired of having to carry around an embarrassing bag that is obviously filled with diapers and rash creams? Well, we are too.

For years, moms have had to haul around huge, puffy bags that look like they were made for a child. Even worse, these unfashionable bags are usually poor quality and have no pockets or organizational system to help moms easily find what they need. Diaper bags like this have become extremely outdated, because they don’t fit within the lifestyle of the everyday mother, who has to care for her little ones on top of rocking her full-time career.

Even though moms have made it clear they want and need a better bag in their lives, it is still difficult to find a functional AND fashionable bag in stores or online. Thankfully, LENA by Cassandra truly understands the struggle of being an on-the-go mom, and is here to tell you why multi-purpose diaper bags are the answer!

To put it simply, moms are some of the busiest people out there. Motherhood and managing a career is tough work, but moms today are championing both and deserve the proper tools to help make their lives a little easier. Multi-purpose diaper bags are so great, because they offer versatility. Moms have to go to the office, meetings, daycare, the park, grocery store, and maybe even dinner with friends all in one day, leaving little time to worry with switching from bag to bag. Having a versatile bag that can easily transition from place to place leaves one less thing the on-the-go mom has to worry about.

In addition to being versatile, multi-purpose diaper bags have become so popular, because they’re extremely functional. While moms want a stylish bag that can go anywhere, they certainly don’t want to lose out on space. Many moms, especially new moms, struggle with keeping everything they need to have on hand organized. Unlike the Mary Poppins diaper bags of the past, multi-purpose bags improve your personal organization and make everything you need easily accessible.

The LENA by Cassandra diaper bags, for example, come complete with organizational inserts that have a specific place for anything the working mom might need throughout her day, from her iPad and work documents, to bottles and toys. They even come with a changing pad and stroller straps that can be neatly packed away. These diaper bags-in-disguise provide moms the balance between motherhood and professional life we’ve all been searching for.

Multi-purpose diaper bags are making all others obsolete, because they simply look better. After dealing with nine months of a growing belly and swollen ankles, moms shouldn’t be forced to sport a loud pink and blue bag with teddy bears all over it around the office. With a multi-purpose diaper bag, moms can carry what they need without having to compromise on style in public or the workplace.

Say goodbye to tired, low-quality diaper bags and hello to the multi-purpose bag made for moms everywhere.