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LENA by Cassandra™ designer diaper bags for the parent who wants to preserve their style while staying organized  Each bag includes two removable LENA by Cassandra™ inserts which transition you through your day... work, kids and play.

Traveling with Kids Made Easy with This Designer Diaper Bag


Traveling with Kids Made Easy with This Designer Diaper Bag

Cassandra Heald


You made it to the airport on time, bags are checked, baby is still sleeping, and your toddler is in a good mood as he excitedly awaits to get on his first airplane. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until you reach the dreaded TSA security line.

Unexpectedly, the baby starts crying and your toddler’s mood switches from content to complete meltdown mode. Disaster rears its ugly head, as you can’t find a pacifier or your ID in your huge diaper bag. By the time you make it to the gate, your kids are cranky, you’re stressed and exhausted, and you have no idea where you shoved the tickets after going through security.

Sound familiar? The stress and unpredictability of flying with kids is all too real for most moms. The key to surviving these common travel debacles with your sanity still intact is organization and efficiency. A reliable bag that keeps everything in place will be your best friend while traveling with your little ones. Sadly, most diaper bags on the market today have no organizational system and are so large you can’t even fit them underneath the seat.

That’s why LENA by Cassandra made it their mission to create a line of versatile, diaper bags designed with the busy, traveling mom in mind. These bags are complete with interior bottle holders and two removable organizational inserts that make everything from boarding passes to pacifiers and toys easily accessible. Additionally, they come with a foldable changing pad and stroller straps, so you can walk through the airport hands-free. Durable and extremely convenient, these diaper bags will take you through countless trips.

Things can and will go wrong when traveling with kids, but the functionality and organizational features of these diaper bags make it easier to prepare for the unexpected. Plus, the LENA by Cassandra diaper bags double as fashionable travel bags, so moms can maintain their style while staying organized. The Elyse Messenger bag, for example, is great for traveling with kids, because it has plenty of space and an adjustable shoulder strap so you can throw it on quickly. But with its stylish bronze leather and beautiful gold hardware, no one would ever guess it’s a diaper bag. Even if you don’t have kids, it makes a great travel bag!

Moms shouldn’t have to fear taking their kids through the airport security line. With a LENA by Cassandra diaper bag, moms can keep organized and seamlessly transition through the airport while looking great at the same time. Improve your travel experience with these stylish and functional designer diaper bags.